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Sex Offender Evaluations

Understanding, managing, and rehabilitating perpetrators of sexual abuse is crucial in stopping the cycle ofsexual abuse within our community. The first step in addressing the needs of both the community and the abuser is a specialized evaluation of the abuser. A thorough understanding of the abuser assists individuals, courts, and supervising agencies develop effective plans; helps families recover from the trauma of sexual abuse; and assist offenders in making constructive changes towards a safer, more productive life.
At Oasis Clinical Care we have over 20 years of combined experience evaluating a wide range of sex offenders and directing specialized, comprehensive, sexual offender evaluations and treatment in an outpatient setting. The evaluation process is specifically tailored to each individual. A typical evaluation includes clinical interviews, a collateral interview, records reviews, and possibly psychological testing/ risk measure assessment. All results are reported to the necessary parties involved. The final evaluation results will address relevant findings, summarize the overall functioning of the offender, assess risk of sexual offending via accepted risk assessment instruments, and offer specific recommendations. Our evaluations do require the offender to discuss the offense, his/her life circumstances in addition to a few other discussion topics.

At Oasis we work closely with probation and parole officers as well as child welfare agencies regarding behavior in the community. Therefore written authorization is required to release a summary of our evaluation to appropriate parties, review police reports, victim statements or any other social/clinical information.

The evaluation process requires at least 3 weeks. The total cost of an evaluation is $850.00 (this includes all interviews, testing, assessment measures, collateral contacts, record reviews, and report writing).  A $150 deposit is required at the time of the initial appointment.

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